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WRSBN Networking Meeting

Date and time TBC

About the Red Route:

The purpose of the Red Route is to improve the efficiency of the 17 bus route corridor, promote local business through better access to short-term parking, and stop indiscriminate parking on footways (thus improving safety concerns expressed by pedestrians and cyclists) through consistent enforcement of the waiting restrictions.

Red Route concerns:

Post red route; what provisions will be made to the immediate area for making short visits like school drops, prescription drops? Where will the overflow go now that a no parking, no waiting, no loading restriction will be in place - will residential streets with minimum parking now bare the brunt of the traffic? With a limited number of loading bays, how will large vehicles share the loading or will these vehicles also see it necessary to circulate around the small neighbouring roads until space is free? Cyclists complain of cars parked on pavements, (the illegal stationary vehicles) rightfully so... but will excess traffic created by moving vehicles onto the tiny streets really solve the problem? Kid’s and parent’s routines, daily commutes and walk routes, all scenarios of situations where people may be unaware or unaccustomed to the new dangers; could fall victim to it.

With a number of primary schools and nurseries in close proximity to the red-route could this spell danger? These are health and safety issues that must be looked at as well as the impact on local trade as a large buildup of shops on this corridor depend on repeat trade, with many being hairdressers, places of worship, takeaway establishments, places people pop in for an hour or two often at specific times of the day every week, again adding to the traffic and parking problem on the surrounding streets. The view is that many customers will simply not venture to the area if parking restrictions and stronger cash penalties were imposed. Imagine the tensions limited parking could cause not to mention a possible increase in road rage, neighbourhood conflicts and ant-social behaviour as an outcome of the red route.

A firm and fair way forward is a petition, not to oppose the red route but to see to it that all the concerns of business owners ans the direct community it will affect are addressed for the best possible outcome a petition to campaign to see to it that every angle has been exhausted to find a solution to what is a very realistic problem on the 17 Bus Route and The Oxford Road, Reading?


If you have a petition flyer you can hand it in at The WRSBN stall at ORCFD (view event) Saturday 1st July 12:00pm - 4:00pm Kensington Park Reading. Alternatively you can fill in the form below or download a petition form and HELP US get signatures.



We know how hard it can be running a small business, the hands on approach taken by many small business owners means that some of the important aspects to running a business get overlooked. That's why we've built a new networking platform where every event gives small business owners an insight into the efficient and cost effective things they can do that could help increase productivity and revenue.

Join a growing number of diverse business owners for an evening of FREE friendly networking and learn from our guest speakers and other attendees. We would like to reach out to business owners who are unfamiliar with the concept of networking and show the importance of connecting to other business owners sharing resources, services and information, building friendships trust and understanding that may lead to new channels of trade.

The West Reading Small Business Network is for everyone and If there are two things we can promise you of our networking events they are:

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Come along and see for yourself...