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Does leaflet distribution work?

Yes, better than any other form of advertising! Top retailers invest more in leaflet distribution than any other media. Why? Because leaflet distribution is highly targeted, extremely affordable, and it makes the cash register ring. We even use it to promote our own business!

Is leaflet distribution expensive?

Leaflet Distribution is one of the best ways of reaching a targeted local audience at an affordable cost. Our packages start at £50.00 including VAT for delivery of 1000 flyers. 

We are able to assist you in designing and printing flyers if needed.

Can I just give my own flyers for a leaflet distribution?

Of course. You don’t have to design or print your flyer with us. You can just deliver them to the warehouse and we can then organise the distribution.

Who are BIG noise media distribution?

As part of our services to our clients we started offering leaflet distribution. We found this service very popular with our customers so created a dedicated area of Mi-MEDIA to deal with the large amount of enquiries we were receiving.

We have obtained some of the best rates available with a range of distributors including one of the market leaders in the industry.

We advise on the best company to do your run and achieve the best rate possible for you. It is important that you are familiar with our distributors terms and conditions, checking procedures.

We are able to offer competitive rates on design, print and distribution.

Do you guarantee 100% delivery?

Due to the nature of our industry we can’t guarantee 100% delivery. What we can guarantee however, is that we utilise a better distribution methodology than any competitor. This means that your flyers have a better chance of achieving 100% delivery than they do with any other provider. We perform internal reporting via SMS and GPS every week to ensure our contracted distributors are doing the right thing. Our customers rely on us to check every round on their behalf, and we invest a significant amount of time and money doing so.

What areas do your Distribution Team deliver to?

We deliver to all areas within the Thames Valley.

I’ve never done any marketing, can you help me get started?

That's what we are here for! We have helped many customers develop targeted campaigns that have made a huge positive impact on their business. Please contact us for more information.

How should I decide where to distribute my flyers?

Getting to the right people at the right time is what makes your campaign work. We can help give advise and information about your target customers, we can look up the demographics of the area and help match to your product or service. For example if you were offering Children's Photography we could give you an idea of the areas that are more family orientated and income levels.

How often do you deliver?

Our distributors deliver weekly to all Thames Valley residential areas. Deliveries take place between Saturday to Wednesday.

Your order and payment is required 2 weeks prior to delivery. Please also allow an additional week if printing is required.

Will my delivery go out with other flyers?

Yes, flyers will be delivered at the same time as other leaflets. However, if you would like for a flyer to be delivered on its own then please contact us for a quote. Leaflets distributed together do not pose a conflict in business interests.

Do you take credit cards?

We take credit card payments through PayPal. A 5% processing fee would be added to your order. BACS transfers do not incur any additional fees.

Can I split my order?

Yes you can split your order over several areas, however, we always suggest that you do a complete area. This helps when doing the area checks and monitoring that your distribution does get out.

I have different flyers, does this count as one order?

You need to place an order for each different flyer that you need to go out. Each job is scheduled by a job ID. If you have 2 or more flyers each will require their own job ID. Minimum charges apply for each run.

How does it work?

1. Payment needs to be paid 2 weeks prior to your order going out unless otherwise agreed by Mi-MEDIA.

2. Once payment has been made we will email you a job ID number that will need to be attached to your order - without this number your delivery will not go out.

Are there any stock requirements?

  • Stock to be bundled in uniform quantities, no greater than 500, however 250 is preferred.
  • Must be plastic cross-strapped or stock may alternatively be boxed. Where the box size in total exceeds 500, the contents must be bundled in uniform quantities not exceeding 500, this may be done with thick rubber bands and then boxed.
  • Each pallet and box must be clearly labelled as detailed below, and pallets shrink-wrapped.
  • Include your Mi-MEDIA job ID number on each pallet / box.
  • Do not mix different stock types on the same pallet or box.
  • No individual bundles to exceed 5kg.
  • No individual boxes to exceed 20kg.
  • If the catalogue is large, it must be bundled in smaller lots.
  • If you have overprinted stock(s), please request the printer to place an identifying cover sheet on each bundle.